Saturday, September 5, 2015

Quick and Simple DIY Wall Art Projects

1. Modern Geometric Art

     Make a piece of art that has dramatic visual impact while causing minimal impact on your budget!  All you need is paint, tape and a canvas and you are all set to make this simple wall art!
found on The New Domestic

   2. Colorful Circles on Canvas

      You can make this wall art in any colors you choose to match your decor. Actually made by tracing circles using a bottlecap, this fun and trendy piece of artwork will be ready to hang in no time at all!
found on DIY Home Decor Guide

3. Easy to Make Silhouette Wall Art

     This impressive set of canvas wall art can be made by using a vinyl decal as a template, creating an expensive looking way to decorate a wall!
found on Dear Beautiful You

4. Light-Up Constellation Art

     All you need to make this light up wall decor is a canvas, string lights and paint!
found on PopSugar

5.  Shades of Circles Art

     Unbelievably easy and quick to make, this project will produce an eyecatching piece of art!
found on Dabbles and Babbles

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